12 Beers of Xmas – Day 9 – Birrificio del Ducatto, Beersel Morning

I’m starting to lose count of which day we’re on now… Pretty sure that it’s 9. As for many of the beers I’ve had in the last few days, this is another bottle that’s been hiding in the cellar for a couple of years now. Beersel Morning is a blend of the Italian brewer’s own ‘New Morning’ saison and a 12 month old 3 Fonteinen lambic.

The pour is completely flat. Absolutely nothing. Not even a hint of a bubble. Definitely a lambic then. This immediately pours me in a frame of mind that expects a particular flavour.

It’s a beer that’s not immediately ‘in your face’ overpowering, lip puckering sour. It’s rather more subtle than a straight 3 Fonteinen or a Hanssens, but it has a great depth of flavours that appear over the course of the bottle. It’s primarily citrus, lemon and lime dominating. Then dry white wine that lingers. Acidity builds up over time rather than hits you in the face.




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