12 Beers of Xmas – Day 7 – Jester King, Das Wunderkind!

Boxing Day, still eating the leftovers and enjoying a day of excess. A Jester King beer and a saison are two of my favourite things, so I’ve been looking forwards to opening this one after dropping it from my lineup from last year. Even if the beer was terrible (which it plainly isn’t), the bottle alone would be enough to satisfy with the fantastic artwork.

The pour is ‘sensible’ for a saison, particularly one that has a barrel aged aspect… not excessive foam, but enough liveliness to remind you of what you’re pouring. There’s a lot of farmhouse funkiness on the nose, lemon and lime too.

It’s light, very drinkable, but good body. It’s all about the farmhouse flavours; there’s no doubt that it’s a Brett beer. There’s a classic saison spiciness to it as well… black pepper notes on the tongue. This doesn’t disappoint at all. Sadly, I don’t have any more Jester King in the cellar so will need to go and find some more somewhere.


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