12 Beers of Xmas – Day 5 – Left Handed Giant/Independent Spirit of Bath, Black Angus

Christmas Eve, probably deserves a big bottle, so I’m opting for something I held back from last year. This is a Left Handed Giant and Independent Spirit of Bath collaboration, smoked imperial stout aged in whisky barrels… a very limited release of only 188 bottles. If I remember correctly, the barrel was from one of Indie Spirit’s own whisky bottlings earlier the same year.

The pour leaves a thin, dark head that quickly dissipates leaving just a thin remnant around the edge of the glass.

The smoke isn’t prominent on the nose, but there’s a nice background note on tasting to give it a bit more interest. It’s a smooth and silky drink, very easy to knock back, even at 9.1%… I’m assuming lactose, but maybe from the barrel aging. Whisky notes are quite subtle. Lots of black cherry coming through after a few sips, alongside a background of chocolate milk.




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