12 Beers of Xmas – Day 12 – Firestone Walker Sucaba (2015]

Well, the last bottle is out of the fridge and it doesn’t seem like it’s been 12 days since we opened the first one (actually it’s 13 for me, but who’s really counting anyway?).  I’m getting started a but earlier tonight so I can fully appreciate this one; I’ve been quite looking forwards to it.


I’ve got Independent Spirit of Bath (@indiespiritbath) to thank for giving me the heads up when they got this one in a few weeks ago… in fact they’re responsible for quite a few of my selections again this year. If you’re in Bath, drop in and check them out!

Anyway, tonight’s beer is a special one from Firestone Walker, their 2015 edition of Sucuba, a strong barley wine.

The pour leaves little in the way of a head, with a tiny amount of froth clinging to the edge of the glass. The colour looks like strong tea… reminds me a little of a Rochefort 6.

The aroma is quite heavy with caramel along with toffee and a bit of bourbon. Tasting it reveals a whole world of different flavours, from the caramel that I get on the nose to a real mixture of mulling spices. It’s the most Christmasy beer I’ve had this year, which I’m not sure it was meant to be, but it’s like eating a mince pie and a boozy Christmas pudding one after the other.

I bet this would be amazing in a few years time (not that it isn’t already); shame I didn’t buy any more!

Is this the best beer of the year? It’s close… an honourable draw between this and Doris I think.



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