12 Beers of Xmas – Day 0 – Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

Day 1 0 is here (a day early due to my misreading of the date!) and I still haven’t really thought about the running order for this lot.  I’ll give some thought to allocating the rest some sort of order, but tonight’s choice was fairly arbitrary.  Rogue Double Chocolate Stout it is then!

I wasn’t sure about putting this one in the line up at all, but I’ve heard people say that it’s amazing so decided to give it a go.

There’s a good hiss of gas when I pop the cap and it pours with a good thick tan head, which hangs around for a surprising length of time.  The aroma is strong chocolate, which is promising.


The first sip is overwhelmingly bitter; not an uncommon trait of chocolate beers.  Maybe it would mellow over time if I’d left it until next year (it’s one of the few that I haven’t aged for any significant time), but I’m sure I’ll get past it over the course of the bottle.

It’s not as viscous as I expected either… almost a little thin in fact.

The dark, bitter, chocolate is heavily present in the taste, accompanied by an espresso after taste and a hint of nuttiness.

I’ll see how this develops over the course of the rest of the bottle… but it’s essentially the liquid equivalent of eating a huge bar of 85% cocoa solids chocolate!


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