12 Beers of Xmas – Day 2 – Funky Vermont

Having got day 1 out of the way finally,  it’s time for day 2 of the 12 Beers of Xmas.  As yet there’s no firm running order for the beers, but with it still technically being a ‘school night’ the big guns will have to wait a few days before they come out.  So beer number 2 of 12 is a 5% homebrew APA using a Brett blend.


This beer is in some pretty impressive company with the other 11, but I’ve selected it as I’m hoping it can stand out on its own. I brewed this back in the summer and was really pleased with how it turned out – so much so that it took some willpower not to drink it all and hold on to a few bottles to age.  So a few months on and it’s time to crack one open and see how it developed.

First thoughts on pouring are that it certainly continued to carbonate well… It could rightly be described as ‘lively’ and keeping the head from overflowing the glass was a little tricky. It still has a massive fruity nose, even after all these months… I’d expected that to have faded much more than it has but it’s still like a packet of Opal Fruits Starburst with great lemon & lime coming through from the Wai-iti.

On the Brett front, it’s very subtle, but in those terms it’s still very young. Maybe I can hold on to some of the other bottles for longer, but it’s drinking too well like this!

Beer: Funky Vermont
Brewery: Abbaye de Southwick
Style: APA
ABV: 5%



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